More than a few years ago, Northwest Indiana had live music playing in many locations every night of the week. We were all there… playing in the popular local bands of the day and learning songs as quickly as we heard them for the first time on the radio. So much of this music is as popular now as it was then, and has influenced a lot of great new artists whose music we also enjoy listening to and playing.

Today we enjoy getting together for our weekly jam sessions and especially like to play out whenever we can to share a night of fun with our good friends.

The Band

Mark_About Mark Pullins a.k.a. Thumbs McGurckin – Lead Vocals / Drums / Percussion

And yes, I am a Rockaholic.

Little did my older brothers know they were literally setting the stage for me when I would listen to their Deep Purple, Steppenwolf and Doobie Brothers albums, over and over again, maybe even more than they did. And then came along Grand Funk Railroad, Rush and Megadeth. Mom was a big help too; she was the one who had the cooking spoons, and I used them constantly in place of drumsticks. I saved up until I finally bought my own — along with the drums.

And Buddy Rich–wow. When I saw the jazz drummer on the Tonight Show, God was speaking to me. That made a big impact. So did Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham. The mighty fine voices of White Snake’s David Coverdale, Bad Company’s Paul Rogers and Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell all seared into my brain.

The best part about being in a band, for me at least, is just sitting back and watching folks have a good time. I’ve been in bands for years, and this is the best band ever. We’re constantly bringing about new cover tunes, so stay tuned

Enrico_About Enrico Toots Muldoon – Guitar / Vocals

Enrico Toots Muldoon grew up in the Irish/Guatemalan slums of New York City. He was torn between being a police officer or a coffee bean farmer. He decided in his teen years to deal with and meet these desires half way, so he decided to become a guitar player.

One day as he was roaming the slums of New York, he encountered a young orphaned lad that was lighting cats on fire and then throwing them into the Atlantic Ocean to put out the flames. Right then he realized he had found the son of his dreams. He adopted him and named him after his father….Philippe Toots Muldoon. As time passed and his son was released from prison for being a pyromaniac, Enrico decided that his son needed to change his name. After many months of name searching, he came up with the very common name of Aaron Zerza.

The newly named Aaron expressed a desire to learn how to play the guitar so Enrico bought him a guitar at K-Mart and a big note song book and the rest is history.

Actually, when I was a young teenager, I heard this guy named George Harrison and the other crew of the Beatles. He got me very interested in music, but the first time I ever heard Eric Clapton, I ran out to Sears and bought my first guitar. Those two “guys” are my musical heroes and the reason I still play the guitar.

Victor_About Victor Zulu – Bass / Vocals

My name is Victor and I’m a Rockaholic.

I guess it all started with the Beatles. Just a couple of 45’s on the weekends – I thought I could control it back then. Turns out they’re a gateway band. Next thing you know, I’m mainlining Zeppelin and snorting Pink Floyd. Things got out of hand and I ended up hooked on Rush, Yes, Frank Zappa and Alice Cooper.

I guess I hit rock bottom when I was cranking up Rock Candy, Rock Lobster and Rock You like a FREAKIN’ Hurricane – all at the same time. I was just too rollin’ stoned!

And then it hit me. This ain’t no disease, man!! And if it is, I GOT to have the Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu!

So here I am. Havin’ all the fun and gettin’ all the way down with the rest of the Rockaholics – whose membership you don’t just fall into but, in fact, you got to climb your way down to this place, baby. You can’t rely on gravity to get down to this level of depravity. So stumble down the stairs to where all the fun is being had. Hoist up a cold one and lay down a hot one.

With much gratitude….

Doug_About Doug Jonas – Keyboard / Vocals

As a young lad I studied the piano for years, although I never actually got around to playing one. Then came the day that transformed my life, when I saw an organ grinder and his pet monkey collecting change from people as they performed on a street corner. Think big!! (I said to myself) and set out to become the world’s first Hammond organ grinder. Now, on some weekends I can make over twenty five dollars in coins and small bills. That buys a lot of monkey chow let me tell you.

My love of synthesizers was influenced greatly by artists such as Richard Wright, Kerry Livgren, Rick Wakeman and Dennis DeYoung to name just a few. And I think a lot of musicians should take a look at the working relationship of the band Rush. There’s a lot to be said for being in a band with your best friends.

Aaron_About Aaron Zerza – Guitars